Ava Catherside is the London based brand of young designer friends, Veronica Todisco and Anna Gloria Flores. Their A/W 2012-13 ready to wear collection follows their beloved theme of monochromatic tailored lines.

They use 100% carbon neutral and environmentally friendly fabrics within their designs, in this case, two qualities of wool, one of which is a soft Italian virgin and the other a Casentino, a warm waterproof fabric with a somewhat rustic feel. Both of these are employed to create geometric shapes which are put together in various ways to skim the body.

Their experimental way of creating a design is not so much what they add to a garment but more what they subtract from it. They state: ‘Each single item begins with the destructuration of the basic sewing pattern. Like in a group of cells, we section it and eliminate the details, reducing it to its essential shape. We then re-assemble each ‘cell’ in unusual combinations, changing their proportions and thus obtaining compact garments, reduced to the lowest terms in the form of their shape and function.’