Zeus + Dione welcomes the holidays with the Charm for 2016 and a series of marble objects for your home and office!

The geometric composition of this year's Charm of Zeus + Dione is in absolute harmony and balance with the environment and comes with a timeless design, inspired by the simple, unadorned but also dynamic Doric line.

The handmade charm is made of blackened silver and pink gold and comes in a chain or cord for the neck, a chain or cord as a bracelet and as key holder, in order to keep the Charm 2016 everywhere with you.

Meanwhile, Zeus + Dione extended to the field of interior design, with a new series of marble objects for home, which clearly reflect the philosophy of the brand.

A disc, a cover charge, a candlestick, even ... a Christmas tree! All simple and austere, utilitarian objects for your home and office, artfully carved in gray or green marble, a utilitarian material since ancient times, which touches on the timeless value of everything Greek.

"We wanted to use marble, a material that is widespread in our country, synonymous with timeless style and perfectly in line with our philosophy" emphasize Dimitra Kolotoura and Mareva Grabowski, co-founders of Zeus + Dione.

The marble collection is the proposal of Zeus + Dione, in line with the philosophy of the brand, to decorate your house or donate to your loved ones something special for the holidays.