Yves is a designer who clearly has a vision, if I had to place him somewhere within the designer spectrum, I think I would have to create a place just for him. His approach to design is heavily defined by innovation, technology, and industrial process, which he blends in a way to create a design based on function, and practicality.

Yves has always shown his humanitarian side in his designs and has made it clear that his projects aim to put the human experience first. However, this is easier said then done, and I think this is what distinguishes Yves from his peers. Through his designs, Yves has successfully connected two historic rivals; Nature and Technology, showing that these two worlds can be merged to create something truly advantageous towards humanity, and towards themselves. We met Yves at the Herman Miller showroom during the Salone, and got to know a very open and easy going individual with clear ideas and an obvious passion for what he does.  

Delood would like to thank the people of Herman Miller for their hospitality and of course Yves for his time, and great conversation. So we hope you enjoy the interview, and Yves if you see this, we are waiting to go surfing!