A man that needs no introduction, Marcel Wanders was kind enough to take some time out off his very busy schedule and have a conversation with us. As we walked into Moooi's showroom in Via Tortona 37, it was clear that what we see in their products and communication is not just "Smoke". These guys are the real deal, young, funky, enthusiastic, and great hosts.

As design is growing and growing it's getting harder to identify were the fun in all this process has gone. However in this place this is not an issue and Marcel together with Moooi always reminds us that design can be serious, and can be functional, but can also be much much more than that. It's about going all out, having fun, being a little ironic and humorous and not taking things too seriously, creating things that put a smile on your face every time you run into them, and to quote Marcel "If you can do everything, why do so little?"

So a big thank you to our hosts once again, don't stop rebelling! and Marcel if you read this, next time I'll make sure a prettier version of me is holding that mic.