From the famed designer, Jaime Hayon comes his latest creation The Baccarat Zoo. Halfway between a glamorous sweet box and a decorative object, Baccarat Zoo combines the sparkle of crystal with tinted porcelain to create a playful menagerie of collectable creatures.
Available in six styles, the Baccarat Zoo animals play with the most famous codes and principles of crystal sizing. Jamie Hayon continues his innovative work with ceramics by creating an alliance between crystal and porcelain that has been treated to have a matte finish on the outside and a glossy finish on the inside.
Born from this subtle marriage, three animals are created.  The Monkey is directly portrayed from rice grain, pontil and diamond patterns; it inspires intelligence and wisdom. The Duck, who by its set of textures, looks to be emerging from its nest; its beak out of the water, its feathers superimposed. And the Bear in honey-colored crystal, mounted recalls to everyone his invincible reputation as honey hunter, embodies power and renewal.
Displayed in a coach designed by Jaime Hayon for the 2011 Designer Days Edition, the collection Baccarat Zoo  revives the Animal Carnival myth. Trained, tamed and sublimated.

"The Baccarat Zoo reinvents the art of collecting animals while giving them a real function. Receptacle or Art Toy, every character exudes its optimistic narrative strength, full of magic and imagination."- Jaime Hayon