Designed by Italian born, New York based architect and designer, Gaetano Pesce, the collection of ‘Six Table of Water’ sends out a thought provoking
ecological message that we need to respect and conserve our waterways for future generations to enjoy.

The designer prefers to work with innovative materials and so the tables are constructed of PVC with legs of rigid foam. The ‘water’ is created from a mixture
of resins and sand, he loves the fluidity and flexibility of resin as it relates to the changing world in which we live.

Each table represents a type of waterway, an ocean, a lake, a lagoon, a river, a pond and a puddle, each one seen from a height of 10.000 metres. The bright glossy surfaces range from brilliant jewelled colours to muddy ones, some clear and others opaque. Tiny figurative details have been attached which typify an actual problem that the waterways are undergoing.

The ‘Six Table of Water’ exhibition is currently being hosted by the David Gill Gallery in London until the end of the year.