Read-Unread bookshelf is a conceptual piece designed to convey a deeper meaning beyond simply being a novel place to rest a book. It was designed to examine the nature of books and reading, and express that nature physically and visually. It takes inspiration from the shift in balance of a book, from right hand to left, the change in weight expresses your progress in reading. Depending on your culture, a heavy right hand signifies the beginning of a book.

This concept of balance and weight signifying what has been read VS not read, was translated into an almost visual To-Do list, being the Read-Unread bookshelf. It is constructed of leather straps hung across metal supports mounted on a wall, with books on either end firmly held in place by metal buckles. On one side books that need to read are hung. As books are read they are moved to the other side of the piece. Thereby shifting the balance and orientation of the shelf.  Read-Unread physically weighs the balance of books that have been read, against those yet to be read. Rather than being a fixed object, the bookshelf changes with time, recording your acquisition of knowledge.