INTERNOITALIANO presents Neri, a family of pens and mechanical pencils designed by Giulio Iacchetti. NERI represents the inaugural venture into the world of stationery, a new market sector for Internoitaliano, a brand whose founding spirit is distinctive for being based in equal measure on Italian design and Italian craftsmanship. For this project, Internoitaliano has partnered with Parafernalia, the only historical Italian company that produces contemporary writing instruments.

“Always a passion of mine, I feel pens and mechanical pencils epitomize objects that can fully express the essence of design: sophistication, simplicity, the archetype of a technical tool, a prothesis of the hand and mind. Having your own pen and pencil with you is already a statement of intent: the will and ability to leave a tangible written sign, to begin a story, sketch out a new project ... ”  Giulio Iacchetti

Family of pens and mechanical pencils made of anodized aluminum. The first pieces that launch the collection of desk objects by Internoitaliano. Neri is an exercise in absolute minimalism for design junkies and aficionados of writing. Neri falls outside the usual automatic opening/closing systems and the classic cap. Indeed, the placement of the leads and ability to regulate their length — and also that of the pen refills, a highly unique feature — is done by simply turning the contrasting brass thumbscrew, a technique derived from the gesture for adjusting the points of compasses used in technical drawing.

Neri is made from a solid aluminum rod, lathed and bored. The surface is anodized and then sand-blasted. In both the mechanical pencil and pen, the size, velvety touch and screw placement have been specifically designed for ease of grip and maximum ergonomic comfort.