The exhibition "miniatures exhibition" presents 100 miniatures of classic sessions, made during the period that spans the beginnings of the industrial mass production of the nineteenth century up to the most current post-modern furniture and allows you to discover not only the history and the importance of design but also the historical and cultural dimension of the chairs.

The chair has evolved over time, changing from a mere object of everyday use in a work of artistic merit - the chaise longue by Le Corbusier and the red-blue chair by Gerrit Rietveld are now well known and appreciated items like the most famous works of art.

Even in the history of design the chair has always played an essential role as an object of experimentation, as a driver of new developments and as an icon, The Miniatures Collection is unique in the world and because each miniature there is a license agreement with the designer, his heirs or foundation but also for the exceptional work precision scale: each model is so perfect that the original seems to have been miniaturized as if by magic to reach the ratio of 1: 6.