Creative Pioneers Acclaimed film director Johnny Hardstaff of Ridley Scott Associates and Wallpaper* present a unique film and installation in celebration of Patricia Urquiola's new Bend-Sofa which explores the versatility and organic design of the new sectional sofa.

Since its beginning, B&B Italia has been known for pioneering advertising campaigns that were very visionary for a furniture company. Notable were early advertising campaigns in the 60's followed by publicity to support the "UP" range by Gaetano Pesce, photographed by Klaus Zaugg, which for its time was revolutionary. The company developed an international reputation for being noticeably ahead of its time. One that proved to be the most famous was the campaign for "Le Bambole" range by Mario Bellini. The combined participation of famous model, Donna Jordan, and the commissioning of fashion photographer, Oliviero Toscani proved to be legendary.The concept for the film and installation was borne from the design of the Bend-Sofa itself. Hardstaff explains:

"What strikes me is that the seating system looks like it has been manipulated and generated digitally. It is pinched (and bulges) in a perfect manner".

Both the film and installation will creatively explore the flexibility and innovative nature of the seating system.Launched during the 2010 Design Week in Milan, the Bend-Sofa is B&B Italia's 1000th project. Designer Patricia Urquiola describes her original concept for the seating system as "a primary, monolithic shape which gives the impression of having been sculpted by hand".

The Bend-Sofa, designed to appeal to both the commercial and contract markets, issues from a study of 3D models and digital research and effectively expresses the idea of motion through a modular composition which allows it to be customised to suit a variety of spaces. Contrasting stitching adds to the expression of movement intrinsic to the design. Like much of Urquiola's work for B&B Italia, the Bend-Sofa offers an emotional, comforting and tctile experience.