Not only must vision tool but style accessory like no other, as enthroned in the middle of the face, eyeglasses and sunglasses say a lot more than you think of the personality of the wearer.

Despite being an accessory that only the twenties acquired its present shape and a spread no longer limited to the high bourgeoisie, its history is ancient and extends to all latitudes, just think of the emerald through which Nero watched his beloved struggles gladiator, or the bones of walrus with crack that the Inuit used to protect from the glare of the sun.

Over and beyond fashion of the moment, which inevitably vary from period to period, choose a pair of glasses is something strictly personal, which can make the appearance of the wearer, easing some flaws or enhancing other much more interesting, making it nearly invisible or very showy: the titanium frames weighing less than two grams, with organic lenses ultra-light, up to the thicker and impressive models, each feature is indicative of the character and style of the wearer.

And if this is true as a general rule for all, all the more so it will have value for glasses belonging to well-known personalities of art and design, which follow you will find some examples, accompanied by illustrations made for us with the papercraft technique by the students IED Florence Master in graphic Design, and three-year course in Advertising Communication, and from a storytelling workshop shot from the three-year course students in Advertising Communication, coordinated by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini.