Kazuyo Komoda is a Japanese designer based in Milan. She is working on interior and product design projects and as a consultant specializing in the areas of colors and materials. She has participated in many exhibitions and events in Europe and Far East. She works with a number of companies, including Acerbis International, Bernini, Fabriano Boutique, Calligaris, Driade, Dornbracht, Elica, Ferrero, I 4Mariani, Lumen Center Italia, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mogu, Moleskine, Panasonic, Pandora Design,Sony and Yamaha Motor.

Kazuyo was born in Tokyo, where she took a design degree at Musashino University of Arts, and then began to work in the fields of industrial design and interior architecture. Since 1989 she has lived andworked in Milan, where after having worked with Denis Santachiara she opened her own studio.



What does design mean for you? What is design in your life?

Design in my life means thinking and finding solutions.

Please describe the changes in design over the last 20 years.

I am sorry to say that during the past 20 years, and even more so during the past 10 years, design has more to do with marketing and less to do with artistic or cultural aspects.

Which designers/architects have influenced your work the most?

I have most been influenced by Denis Santachiara, Shino Kuramata and Achille Castiglioni

What item have you envied because of its design?

I like projects for paper objects and table objects. I think it is best if I can design an item for our everyday life, not only on its merit as a design.

Do you believe that design assists in the creation of a “better” world?

If I didn’t believe this, then I would change my profession. 

Should design be more inexpensive or does it deserve to be paid for at a high price?

Design should be available at every price range.

What led you to become involved in design?

At first it was emotion which then became a passion.

If you were not a designer, what other profession would you have chosen?

 If I were not a designer then I would like to work in the field of international cooperation for development and solidarity.