Cassina continues its exploration and research of Le Corbusier’s vast collection of work with a study of creations by the great architect and designer during the 1950s. The company presents four new projects for its “Cassina I Maestri” Collection, which join the Le Corbusier Collection originally introduced in 1964.

Philological research has been carried out on each piece, as always working in close collaboration with the Le Corbusier Foundation, with an exacting study of original drawings, sketches and prototypes. Wood is the underlying theme, a material which Le Corbusier - after many years of experimenting with tubular metal – began to use once he had reached full artistic maturity, rediscovering nature and turning his work towards elementary and archetypical items.

Cassina takes this opportunity to demonstrate its well-established heritage and experience in carpentry and woodwork, at the heart of the company since its foundation, and to offer an exciting and authentic interpretation of this period in the great master’s design career. These new pieces unite a lucid design approach with a harmonious structure of shapes and surfaces.