As part of the 2016 Setouchi Triennale, Brazilian-born Japanese artist Oscar Oiwa has painted an immersive artwork inside a 40ft inflatable vinyl dome. Titled ‘Oiwa Island 2’, the large-scale painting features incredibly detailed drawings in permanent marker of natural settings like the forest, sky and sea. Ηis entire body of work is full of a gentle rhythm that really appeals. Visitors could enter the dome and walk inside the 360-degree artwork – a very unique and engaging way to experience contemporary art.

The 360-degree drawing includes natural imagery, placing visitors in a black and white world with a detailed forest containing a cabin on the shore of a beach. The drawing is fairly realistic until one reaches the water, where the patterns of the waves become increasingly abstract. The door of the cabin in this elaborate mural doubles as the actual door for the dome, creating an even more immersive effect when you enter the gigantic space.