Mark Valmarana tell the story of Milan through its stores
and the charm of the city of Milan can be summed up modern Italian life, its rich history and tradition, shaping a significant part of its vibrant culture and society. Many queued Milan’s historic stone streets of restaurants and shops have flourished for decades, a business owner generations handed down.

Convey the story in the pursuit of this complex city through the voices of its residents, the Italian photographer Marco Valmarana cooperation with Milan again the story of the series “ pixartprinting collection depicts a Milan shopkeeper whose store proudly outside the entrance, bear the city’s commercial and historic icon landmark nostalgia trip next image viewers, short stories about people passing makes this place a compelling story – just like the boss Anthony grecchi, pastry shop; ADA comoretto, electrical supplies store owner;. and Glatt Sartori historic ice cream kiosk Anthony monticolombi.