Animato evokes movement, flow, especially in the city, inert mineral structure contrasting with the organic and alive side of men crossing from side to side, like an arrow. The passage of man from one place to another, and all life and existence that can be part of this change of state. The crowd scenes disputing the quieter beaches where the human appears in its singularity, promote breathing conducive to dreams and imagination.
A dive into the pulsating heart of London, Paris, Berlin, Tallinn, Helsinki and Reykjavik and what these vibrant cities have to offer. Pulsation plug in contact with the crowd at the stations, on café terraces, outside office… this energy is transmitted to the photographer who communicates it to us, with his personal language, accompanying the movement without freezing it. At the heart of the city-hive, the human is questioned in its existential component, men and women are photographed as travel units, passage units formed with arabesques, interlacing of curves.

Born in 1964, of Danish origin and naturalized Belgian when he was 18 years old. Marc Krüger graduated in Biology and Management at the University of Brussels. He currently lives in Brussels and has been practicing photography since the age of 14. Until recently he has been working for his own company in the Media sector, and since 2012 he devoted himself on a full time basis to the photography. In Belgium, he is represented by Young Gallery (Brussels).