Designed by Tel Aviv based Golany Architects, Two-Tree House, located just outside of the city of Jerusalem, is a practical exercise in eco-architecture. The delightfully rustic home is built on a site which had the two mature pine trees in-situ and the architects chose to include them within their plans, rather than chop them down,  therefore allowing them to become a living part of the house. The result is a unique home of 45 sq.m. with a multitude of enviable ‘green’ features.

A recycled shipping container was placed on the site and built around, using prefabricated timber cladding and a light roof. The nature theme continued with natural stone work and an interior of dark wooden furniture.

The advantages of allowing the trees to remain include natural ventilation and a welcome shade from the trees. The house appears to have grown among the trees, which are still growing, and will need constant monitoring as the house will evolve along with the trees.