What is design for your life? What does design mean for you?

Design for me is a way of life. Design can create a better life for us. Design awareness improves values among people & the environment and among themselves. Design creates a more patient, quality of life and humor where on the contrary bad design does exactly the opposite. Design is also a way to reach more people, touch them, and create a dialogue with them.

Please describe the changes in design in the last 20 years.

The biggest change in design in recent years is due to the Internet and media development that gave to design public knowledge. Access to good design has grown; the exposed of large populations to design had increased. Design is no longer elitist bunch but belongs to everyone. And especially awareness of the importance of design or the existence grew.

Which designers/ architects have influenced your work the most?

Modern architects that have influenced my work are those with international modern style and above all; Mies van der Rohe. The combination of minimalist modernism has influenced me more than anything, not only in design but also a way of life.

What’s your perception about architecture and design magazines nowadays?

The magazines are very important and contributed to the exposure of design and architecture around the world. Unfortunately Internet revolution makes them less and less relevant, and I suppose that soon almost all media will be online. I personally think there is no substitute for the printed paper and printing quality...

When beginning a project, do you usually sketch your ideas on paper or do you use your P.C. from start to finish?

Always start the process with a black pen sketches on paper. I love to have the freedom of the manual sketch...

Do you believe that architecture style must find ways in which to integrate itself into its environment, or do you believe that this is not always essential?

Architecture must work in context and not ignore the environment in which it exists. It's not always the only ingredient, but the structure must work with its surroundings.

In your opinion, could a modern building become a tourist attraction?

Certainly if the goal is defined and the building is designed to be iconic then this building can be an attraction. I do not think it should be the primary goal. The main goal for the building should be to serve the environment and users. Attraction may well be related added value.

How do you perceive the future of the design world?

I believe that architecture in the future has to pay great focus on materials and also in terms of world economic changes. Architects will have to consider the needs of the population and look for more affordable economic solutions.

Which advice would you give to the young designers? Is there any young designer that has caught your attention?

Go only with their design truth, believe in it, and do not be afraid to try, do not be afraid to make mistakes and especially love what you design.