This stunning Californian home is located just a stone’s throw away from the legendary Sierra Madre, an area outside of Los Angeles which enjoys the best of nature within reach of the urban vibe. The Mid Century theme of the home follows on from the residence which originally stood on the site from that period but made way for this contemporary version by interior designer, Jamie Bush and Co.

Painted steel framework and beams with a mass of transparencies, an interior of stone, glass and wood embraces the aesthetics of Californian architecture, a laid back style which incorporates modern amenities with accents from the local culture and flora of the region. Organic details and driftwood sit side by side with ethnic pieces from Asia, Indonesia and Peru.

The super modern kitchen and bespoke furniture which resemble the classic pieces of the 50s are in the main designs by Jamie Bush and the vintage pieces were all sourced by him. Many personal touches follow the tastes of the family of four are used within the interior, splashes of color from the abstract artwork and the notable perspex chair of the 70s. The surrounding environment has been brought into the home to create a space which is part ranch and part showhouse, but more importantly a superb Californian residence.