Blaz Erzetich, founder of the Erzetich Audio has released the third in a range of audio headphone amplifiers. After the Bacillus and the Bacillus Tilia, Perfidus claims to be the ultimate addition to any audio system to improve the quality of sound for personal or professional use. Fast and precise, it is an astonishing device which puts the best out of good recordings, allowing headphones to reveal qualities one was never aware of!

The name is derived from the ability of Perfidus to detect defects in the worst of recordings, hence the ‘wicked’ label and the cute little devil insignia which is stamped on the casing affirms this. Handcrafted, its straightforward design promises to deliver a power boost to any headphone, an essential element as the built in amplifier of headphones is rarely efficient. An affordable hi-end audio, suitable for use with all components, computers, CD players, CD players etc., this device designed by the Slovenian specialists will solve the timeless problem of sound quality in the fastest way.

The setting up of any quality sound system may prove to be a complicated exercise and so the firm has prepared a free e-book available as a download from their site - what could be easier!!