The most unlikely structure on the island o Furillen in Sweden was transformed into a wonderful family retreat by the practice of Imberg Arkitekter. The structure in question had been built as a garage for military vehicles and stands on a site with a terrific sea view. The island itself has its own ‘claim to fame’ as it was once the home of Ingmar Bergman, it remains today a popular holiday destination in Sweden.  

The inspirational restoration of the garage adhered to the concept of a minimal intervention, low budget, no frills project. The installation of plywood facing contrasts with the dark walls and exposed surfaces which rule throughout the space. Wooden columns and simple partitions create definitive zones and make for a casual chic interior where the sea and sky are allowed to play a starring role when the massive wooden doors are opened to admit the cool summer breezes.

The interior was completed by the installation of an old wood burning stove and inexpensive furnishings to create a family friendly environment, where functionality and enjoyment of indoor/outdoor activities is paramount and informality is the order of the day!