Located in the heart of Valencia, Spain, just 200m from the Valencia Cathedral, Francesc Rife designed the first historical monument-hotel of the city, the 5 star Caro Hotel; a former Palace of the Marquis de Caro. The building has brilliantly combined the legacy of its history with the most sensational, contemporary interior design, leaving its guests speechless.

It is a majestic space, where elegance meets modernity, with 26 unique and luxurious rooms, each different from the other. With scrupulous attention to detail and a contemporary air travelling throughout the historical substrata lying within the walls, the Spanish interior designer has created an impressive space, authentic in style, where architectural balance, pure geometric lines and simple forms all come together to add to its grandness. Its walls stand guard over a priceless historical inheritance of more than 2000 years; gothic arches, 13c Arabic defensive walls, original mosaics of 2c B.C., all repaired, restored and effortlessly integrated to the new bespoke personality of the building. The lower ground floor houses the hotel’s remarkable gastronomic area.

Rife has managed to provide the building with a new character and make a contemporary use of its impressive space, creating an avant-garde hotel, of great historical importance, that provokes all senses.