The German automobile manufacturer of Audi has continued to forge ahead with innovative developments within its field. In an attempt to keep an eye on the future of personal transportation in terms of road safety, they have introduced the concept of innovative lighting techniques, a smart system which they introduced at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

The OLED technology is formulated to operate both in the interior as well as on the exterior bodywork of the vehicle. With the ability to automatically switch on when detecting an approaching vehicle or to follow movement on the inside of the car.

One of the lighting types is ‘the swarm’ which is a system of small lights which travel in a flashing continuous line along the contour of the car, so called as it resembles a swarm of little fish following each other. The lights adjust according to the direction, acceleration or braking in order to warn the following vehicle in good time to avoid an accident. Another innovation is the ‘laser tail light’ a fan shaped red light to enhance the visibility of the car especially in hazardous weather conditions. The lighting system is not yet in production but is on the drawing board as a safety measure for future models.