Maison de Courreges is famed for its revolutionary approach to women’s fashion, especially in the 60s with the introduction of the mini skirt and trouser suit.
What is not widely known however, is that the head of Courreges, Coqueline Courrege, is a supporter and designer of the electric car.

Her third and most developed model,the Zooop, was introduced at the Paris Challenge Bibendum by Michelin in June 2006 following its predecessors, the Bulle in 2002  and the EXE in 2004.

The Zooop EV is a three seater model which one could easily imagine becoming the newest ‘green’ city car. Small in stature and lightweight at just 690 kg., its 200 hp engine and lithium polymer battery provide a range of 450 km with a top speed of 180 kph, all thanks to its sleek aerodynamic shape.

Brightly coloured and highly visible, an important element for the soundless EV, it would certainly be a force to contend with if it ever goes into production, although there are no plans in the pipeline for this to happen in the near future.