The Wigli design is based on the idea that continual movement of the body can help prevent back pain. Most office chairs force desk workers to remain seated in the same position for too long, putting the back under too much strain. If you are free to move about, the burden is distributed more evenly and back problems will not arise so soon.

The Wigli does not require adjusting any settings. Most ergonomic chairs come with various settings that are often applied incorrectly in practice, so that the result is not optimal.

In ‘resting’ position, the Wigli has a slanted seat. Besides pointing out to the unsuspecting user that the seat will not provide the type of support people are used to, this slanted resting position also gives the Wigli an important and unique feature that makes it instantly recognisable. The designer Aad van Dommelen has a long track record in corporate design.

Wigli is an artisan product, made in Germany using steamed birch wood. The Wigli is available in two sizes.