Restaurant etiquette has changed unrecognisably since Instagram became ubiquitous. These days, the tradition of saying grace has been replaced by the pre-eating ritual of uploading a sepia printed shot of your food with the hashtag #yum, a moment of euphoria only topped by the post-meal excitement of seeing how many likes and jealous comments it has garnered. Indeed, this burgeoning tradition has made the world of instagram rather banal, so it is refreshing when a creative brings a fresh and inspiring angle to the fetishisation of food, such as in the work of Norwegian culinary innovator Ida Skivenes aka Ida Frosk.

With her first post – a bear and a fox on toast – going live in June just last year, the past twelve months have seen Skivenes garner over 100,000 followers from her eclectic multiplicity of beautiful, witty works on plates, ranging from The Great Gatsby book cover, fashioned from fruit, jam and yoghurt, the Arcopolis of Athens made out of the ingredients of a Greek salad and breakfast for four as interacting Pac-Man pancakes. But one of the highlights of her feed is the Art Toast Project, where she has recreated famous pieces of art by the likes of Munch, Kandinsky, Degas, Picasso and Dalí on single slices of bread. Thoughtful, witty and delicious, here we present a gallery of Skivenes’ favourite works from the series, and ask her what inspired her to make so original an addition to the world of food art.

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